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hi everyone I have had a heck of a time
I’ve been trying to get a video that’s uploaded to you all day. Okay so part three
of the series is long and I edited it and it’s all ready to go
but it was taking really long time to get to upload and so I had to leave to
go to a wedding and so I didn’t get it uploaded in time so I’ve been trying to
just do a video to get up just to tell you that and basically tell you give you
some kind of some of my thoughts about after editing it and let you know that
it was on its way it’ll it will be it will be uploaded as soon as I get home
so it’ll either late tomorrow or probably probably early the next day but
anyway I well it is it is done it’s just it’s long it was and I think YouTube is
probably really busy or something it was just taking really long time to upload
so I had to leave what was my you know it’s like thirty got thirty percent down
and I had to go so anyway but I wanted to just kind of just kind of give you
some of my thoughts about about it because it’s a really it’s a really it’s
a it’s a long video but it keep it keep it moving it’s good so a lot you know a
lot really packed in and what it is is basically this story as it unfolded as
it unfolded for me and everyone’s you know basically it’s largely its its
email correspondence primarily between a Kim me and the victim primarily and so
and and mostly I think the victim only makes a couple of statements but the big
one is in her own words she starts what happened and says of course really
important and so you know you know many many observations like I make them along
the way so I you know basically I I read through the emails as they come in you
know basically as I came in it and and then I also um I I think it probably add
I took because I actually had after the the email course when it stopped I
actually had in person I talked to the lol is the victim talk to her in person
and then um you know so in inner story really held up you know every day I
heard the story about three separate times and it was you know exactly the
same every time she didn’t contradict herself at all and it was aside from
that the big thing was was that you know Kim totally bought it you know Kim who
knew who-who was you know David’s biggest advocate she had no problems no
hesitation and completely buying came to lately believing the story so her you
know the fact that she completely turned on a dime and was well I thought willing
to admit you know basically say I was totally wrong about him I mean she was
really totally she was totally wrong about him she told us that you know she
basically said you know it’s very clear about him being abused her and him him
being all wrong so she’s very very clear about that
the problem is she just didn’t want to say it publicly so she was really wrong
about him but not willing to protect the public we’re gonna have to making all
these statements about him and so that you know that’s where I ended up you
know parting ways with her and and you know makes there’s some observations and
things they make you know that for instance I don’t know if I really go
into this there but one thing that is that might not come across and be really
really clear and in the you get the feel of what was going on with this meetup is
it’s important to note that might my position with Kim because I came there
wanting to make friend with her and I hosted a party in her and her honor she
was the guest of honor and I invited all of her guests who I didn’t know to my
place for to kick off her did you got her Meetup and she didn’t
even have the courtesy to come on time know if she was in charge of basically
telling everybody the time and place and being there so half of her half of her
guests came we had a great time they left and then she showed up with the
other half of the people who didn’t even know about it didn’t even know that
there was a meetup scheduled for Sunday at 8:00 didn’t even know so you know I
how do you how do you you know I mean it’s the parent kind of person you just
can’t you know there’s painfully few nice things for her you know it’s like I
came there are you scheduled my trip around this meetup I intended to be
friends with her you know I tried to I reached out over and again I hosted a
party in her honor she didn’t even have the courtesy to even or she didn’t care
enough about her own event or her own subscribers even show up yeah so it was
just very strange and she was with David who very much was her priority you know
and and I think that that there was you know definitely something there that
wasn’t it wasn’t out in the open wasn’t fully disclosed but she definitely had
you know he was more way more of a priority to her then then than anyone
else it was the first place that she would go and you know so the other thing
is she didn’t have a cell phone so you’re trying to do this thing with no
cell phone and every single person that came to the meet-up was trying you know had
such frustration with communication and I never even you know I had no nothing
to do with David slightly I wasn’t using it so what ends up what ends up
happening is that because David’s is called out as being you know the one that was
being abusive she starts basically scapegoating him with everything that
went wrong. He becomes like the reason that
the thing was disorganized. She was basically
offloading all the things that were wrong onto him.
Now he’s the reason that we didn’t all connect he’s the reason that
people were excluded he’s the fees and things were disorganized you know and
see you pet you kind of see some of that and you know i believe
what “L” said and i think that doing that coming to it and being up like that
and do something like that it was just deplorable absolutely deplorable which
is the reason i’m stepping up and saying something, but i am just you know wanting
to kind of like make really clear and the things that should be really obvious
but just sort of point them out that that the reasons that “L” would be afraid
to say something and their and rightfully so because he reasons that
now i am saying something the backlash is that people that have channels
they’re supposed to be coaches are smearing me, or are trying to scare me. Just that simple act, just the fact that she would come out and make
statements, false statements about me, you know, and really kind of knee jerk, you
know inflammatory statements about me is a disordered thing to do. It’s not a
healthy thing to do in any circumstance. you know even if she was rightfully yeah
even if I’d ever done anything to her that was that was wrong you know even if
i even if i had come after her attacked her said anything said anything about
her she you know basically all I’ve ever done is try and get hurt us to bill for
with what she said you know basically stick with her story and that you know
for that I’ve had her come out and try and say
that I’m a criminal a drug addict and a liar and all his stuff and who knows
what else she’ll say who knows what else she’ll do but I am hoping that that just
those things are just concerning to anyone who subscribed to her channel or
any when he was watching any of this unfold because I have nothing to gain
it’s just like this Kavanaugh thing very timely in the news this Cavanagh thing
going on this woman he’s a Stanford professor she has not had nothing to
gain for coming out and doing what she did and she didn’t want to do it she’s
just like she’s just like yellow she don’t want to say anything and finally
she’s saying something because this guy has gone would have gotten away with it
all this time and now he’s about ready to get this appointment a lifetime
appointment for something that is really it speaks of your character you know and
I started from that aside from what you did to her there was 2,400 law
professors including ones from his own alma mater of you know coming out saying
this guy is does not have the makeup does not have the the the character or
the personality traits that we want in that and in that kind of a serious role
you know so this woman recognized that she knew it was wrong with this guy she
knew it was wrong with this guy because he don’t time does pass and people do
change and grow up and all that kind of stuff but the way that he the things
about him including is you know assaulting a woman doesn’t you know
those are nice not things that you’re gonna do you know once twice three times
even if it was a long time ago unless there’s something wrong with you unless
you’re not completely put together you know in leash unless you’re your
personality your character it’s not the it’s not really well put together
you just wait you know you that’s who does that kind of thing you know and so
you know it is important you know what we say and what we do
need to match up and what we say what we do matter. They matter. It has
ripple effect.You may not even know how many people that you’re going to
touch , but it’s gonna touch a lot of people that you don’t you’ll never know
but it matters .The thousands of people that Kim was willing to not
protect, or you know you can’t you can’t come out and say all this gushing praise
about someone and send people his way you if you’ve been and then turn on a
dime and feel this way about him and not straighten that out it’s just you know
and and what would cause someone to do that that is not someone who is well put
together either that’s the one who’s got a lot of fear got promises there with
their honesty got poems with their ability to stay in reality and that’s a
dangerous person that’s a dangerous person and you see why because they’ll
reach out for anything he doesn’t have to be true deception it just has to it
just has to work just it work to get the hot get themselves with a hot seat
that’s her goal to get herself of the hot seat
and I saw the exact same thing on this cabin all thing you know yeah yeah it’s
really important it’s like you draw that you can see our little lives are little
things happen in our lives or a little microcosms of the bigger picture you
know what happens in your life is happening everywhere it’s just the size
it’s just the you know it’s just the size of it and so I think that you know
I feel like it’s absolutely L did the right thing by telling this story and by
you know she isn’t she doesn’t want to go forward with her her name her face
out there and she doesn’t have to but but letting me do that for her and my
doing it you know I you know I it’s the right thing to do and and so and all of
you that are supporting it and and doing what you can to to protect people you
know you’re doing the right thing and you know we have two separate issues
you’re at least two at least two zippered issues here
it may be to boil it down to the one of you have people who are posing as life
coaches running YouTube channels saying that they’re against narcissistic abuse
while in fact they are doing nurses to be as well in fact they are not they are
abusing people through emotional manipulation and smear campaigns and and
all that stuff and that in and of itself is just not OK
you know and that’s not something that you know it’s not okay for you know so I
you know here’s a hariom so the only person that she’s poking out of it I’m
your on there was a came to you know join her as being she’s never done
anything for me it wasn’t like she pumped him out on my channel all up or
anything but I am I’m there I’m Lauren just to meet her guess where I host a
party for her she comes three hours late misses her guests and you know and
basically is pretty offensive and rude the whole time and and and and the
reason you know and she blames it on you know everyone’s blaming everybody for
why I was late but the main reason they were late was because she never told
anybody ahead of time at this thing that there was a party in my honor starting
at eight o’clock I need to be there and she also had kept us repeating the wrong
hotel name even though I kept telling her the right hotel name she kept his
hips to calling it something else and you know and I saw it on some email just
clear as a bell and so um then so you know everyone’s pointing fingers in
every which way but I just keep repeatedly seeing that you know here’s a
person that is gonna keep repeating problems because she can’t take
responsibility for anything and then and then she is it you know lashes out when
I’m holding her accountable the person who held a party for her candor to be a
friend and not only that even after all that even after all this broke out even
after she would you know I am totally Yoshi here in the emails you’ll hear
you’ll hear I keep saying we gotta stand behind her
we gotta stand behind her you know we’re all we were all indivisible behind Kim
you know and and then there is no behind Cuba she she she waffles and ends up not
not coming out with NASA then basically out there in the forefront you know but
throughout the whole thing even after even after she’s you know completely
blown off the party you know I’ve been unable to hook up with her the rest of
the time even after a fight about this abused even after she’s completely
renege jong-eun even after all these red flags going on with how she’s turned
turned on a dime regarding David even after all that and saying we need to
stand behind her and and she misses all of that she misses all of that and she
is completely focused on that she for whatever reason I don’t know the reason
I you know I don’t know for sure what the reason is but she thinks that it
makes more sense for her to or it’s gonna make any kind of sense for her to
come out as vociferously as she did against him came out just as it was
seriously against a mission did for him but only in private and then to not do
anything after after going out of her way to get everyone charged up a behind
her and the other people involved are they’re all victims you know in early
recovery they don’t want anything to do with it so the reason that they’re not
having anything to do with it is because a they don’t have YouTube channels so
they’re not getting it they’re not having their asking people to trust them
are asking people to believe the things that they say they’re not coming out as
experts they’re just there is you know hidden subscriber viewer people you know
and they have no reason to want to come out and do anything publicly you know
and I totally don’t blame them I totally don’t blame them for that you know
they’re all right they’re hidden you know they’re not already exposed but and
you know she did not see that there was a difference she was they they said you
know once they made clear that they didn’t really want to have to come out
and do anything then she thought that would be an excuse for her apparently
but it it totally wasn’t but you know I’m basically saying that’s all stand
behind Samhain chemistry makes this statement
let’s all go no contract with David and you know and basically the other ladies
just kind of fade back into the woodwork and then and then and then basically Kim
ends up seeing me as an enemy because now it’s just the two of us out there
and I’m saying you need to do something she doesn’t want to and so now she how
she thinks that she has to attack me you know it’s just it’s just really
dysfunctional thinking and you know disordered thinking and you know last
night the wrong person you know boxing shadows you know it’s like that’s not
who you know I was on your side you know I was completely on your side until
until it was so so clear to me that you are not any kind of a coach you’re not
healed you are in fact abusive and you know and you know and and I think that
in fact it is the case you know some people are saying that they’re
apparently they’ve been in touch with that maybe David was never a victim that
as an adult that he was actually the perpetrator I don’t know about that I
don’t know anything about that but that’s apparently his wife is really
afraid of him and all this stuff this is what I’ve been told and you know from
what I know I know I know believe he did do that does sound consistent because he
certainly didn’t act like any kind of an empath or any kind of you know he acted
like full-fledged you know abuser and certainly that’s what Kim says he is
I believe that Kim was abused I believe that Trevor sounds like he was an abuser
but there is no way that I could ever say that I mean Kim Kim’s abusive too
and she has a love really strongly narcissistic traits you know I I can’t I
can’t diagnose her but but you have some very strong artistic traits one of the
biggest you know some of the among the biggest work
that the way that she talked to her videos is really how it is when you see
her in person she just talks at you and only the difference is that in a video
it’s short and you get to pick the topic you know you go and she’s talking out of
traffic in person she picks the topic goes all night goes in every direction
doesn’t care how much it offends you and it goes in all kinds of you know really
it’s into political things in it were the really extremist positions and
really alienating and and and abrasive and servic and you know it’s not you
know not a fun time at all and and you don’t get the sense that she doesn’t
have any idea she doesn’t heard you at all has no idea who you are
you know you get done with Sydney her and you leave thinking she knows nothing
about me because all she did was talk about
herself and her opinions the entire time and completely disregarded how much her
son wanted to go home how much her client they just got off the airplane
wanting to leave tired they were so let me just regarded the fact that you know
it was already when they got there it was three hours after they were supposed
to get there you know I’m just just that kind of stuff and then and then you know
that was a big red flag and then the other piece is that you know the
inability absolutely inability to admit she’s made a mistake and ability to go
publicly say I was wrong and and not only publicly say I was wrong about that
but also throughout these emails you’ll see she’s just cannot take
responsibility for what what’s gone down and and it’s really ready to offload
responsibility for just about anything and so you know that’s not you know
that’s awfully familiar you know awfully familiar and it’s not a
good thing and and and that’s not here that’s not here to say that’s right
that’s that’s her that’s my opinion of what I saw firsthand and you’ll see it
you know in the in the video you’ll get to see judge for yourself but you know
that’s what I want people to pay attention
you know in a ten minute video where she’s talking about talking about
somebody else and she and it’s a topic you’re interested in and and she kind of
you know you just don’t get to know about much you don’t get to know that
much about about the person that’s on the other side of the screen you don’t
and I mean I think it’s some videos you get to know more I actually go out of my
way to try and show more of myself but but but in person it she is very much
like you’re like a video it’s like you’re not even there
she’s talking at you and so and I was doing one that said that I mean that was
the same experience that other people had as well so anyway I think that you
know so this is this is basically you know I just wanted I kind of wanted to
say those things is kind of narration or whatever of the video that’s coming up
today those are things I didn’t say they’re in voiceover I didn’t do voice
overs sake to kind of say some of that stuff to kind of guide you along the way
but that so the video that when I upload it okay it’s just everything in and the
order that things came in to me and you know so it you know basically shows you
the whole picture spills the picture out alrighty guys so anyway thank you for
listening please give me a thumbs up please let me know what you think about
the Cavanaugh thing and all that in the comments – all right guys thanks so much
talk to you later bye bye you

Glenn Chapman


  1. Let me know your thoughts about what is going on in the news, or anything else on your mind today. = The 3rd in the series will be uploaded tomorrow.

  2. Thank you, Evening. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in bringing this to the narcissistic abuse community's attention. Since this has been brought out in the open, Kim Wilson is now advertising on her channel that she can "help" victims find places to live. And all of a sudden there's meetups popping up all over. I see this is as a disaster waiting to happen. And more victims.

  3. I wanted to go so badly. I'm glad it didn't work out for me. It sounds like a vacation with my family. My sense after listening to this is that (from your description), she sounds like she might be ungrounded. Abuse can do that to you, but it can also be part of who a person is naturally. Ungrounded people really need to get out of their head, and back into their body. It sounds like she doesn't have a strong enough center of gravity to be centered…it appears like there's a lot of fickle-mindedness. She goes as the wind blows. I think it's best to start off with people on a neutral ground. Start off with small talk, politeness, and build from there. Not a good idea to start with politics or religion. That's where I'd say she just needs to reconnect with her body and get out of her head….think Japanese Tea Ceremony….just be present for your guests. That's just my take from listening….of course, what I'm saying may not be totally accurate. I'd have to be there to zero in on it.

  4. Stay strong, Evening! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’–We need to expose toxic ppl. I am looking forward to the next video.😘

  5. Splitting comes natural to her and as you listen to her version of events. Again, I believe you. Your videos flow from the heart and are not highly edited. I’m so sorry to hear the victim was unsupported, but your support of her shows your true empathic character.

  6. I want so much to believe in both of you. Do you think she wanted to be the scheduler of all events or she had some other unvoiced objection to the meet-up party? I wish I could hear both sides and have this resolved. This conflict bothers me because I value both of you a lot. I am afraid I missed who David is???

  7. I am so glad you are going to tell us about what happened. I knew David and Kim seemed abusive.

  8. I heard about this on Kim's Channel but I have no idea who any of the people were I thought I heard her mention your name but I think she said it wrong. I only accidentally came across these videos that I watched all 3 and I get the feeling that you're telling the truth even though I don't know either one of you.

  9. I wondered why she up and moved to Mexico…. from that moment on I've seen a change not a good change. Thank you for taking your time to share this.

  10. They are advertising PV 2019 and suckers/naive people are signing up….

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