A man's abnormal obsession with his younger sister [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.04.02]

Glenn Chapman


  1. "All brothers do that"

    Me : looks at my brother who is 5 miles away and hasn't spoken to me for 2 years

  2. Thank gosh jaehyun is the only one who isnt blind and sees it as a concern
    I felt bugs crawl all over me during the whole thing

  3. I just really dont like how disrespectful these people were tho. They even laughed at when they said she should skip meals.

  4. I have a brother who took me out for a drink and play games at pc beng at night and bff to my boyfriend?
    we are 10 yrs apart 😂

  5. I really don’t like the show. Some of the guest comes to them with some serious issues in which they need professional help yet these people just laugh them off and dismiss them as not being important.why does the show even exist? To laugh at peoples going through real issues?

  6. the laughter in the background makes me want to kill myself. like are they that dumb to not be able to understand what the girl is going through?

  7. This is their own affairs.
    This superficial and mocking gameshow is stupid and embarrassing to watch.

  8. Wtf some actually said its not a concern?! Did they not pay attention to the issue?
    This is not just about a brother saying his sisters name sweetly, or that hes gonna supposedly change after the show (yeah right), or even about asking for less love is better then asking for more love.
    This is about a guy who has an abnormal infatuation and obsession with his sister and personal life to the point he makes her uncomfortable and moved in with their mom.🤨 Also to the point where he's being controlling and their mom is asking if the brother sees his own blood sister as a WOMAN.🤨
    The fact that they dont find that concerning, didnt focus on that, and even seem to dismiss that definetly makes me question those their character and how they really are along with the creepy dude. 🤨

  9. Dang..I’ve always wanted a older brother but now…I’m content with my lil bro only coming to me for food 👀

  10. Watch from 26:05 and look at Joo E's reaction to Mark talking. LOL. GIRRRL.
    I think Momoland seems so sophistocated and NCT is just so cute. I am an NCTzen, but I will think of becoming more invested in Momoland. They have very interesting personalities.

  11. somethin don’t feel right. yes for obvious reasons but i feel like there’s more behind the scenes. that’s disgusting that he wants her to sit on his lap…

    give him the electric chair

  12. "All brothers do that"

    And here am i and my siblings (i have 3 older brothers and one youngest.) looking at me like im a piece of trash at our house. IM JUST A MAID of 4DEVIL WITHOUT A FCKING PAYMENT. BRUHHHHH!

  13. Celeberity my ass . No celeberity should be good and respect uh and jooe or wtv her name is was just- uhm. Sorry to say this but it was just smtg i need to said abt.

  14. my brother scares me, calls me an idiot, throws pillows at my face whenever he gets the chance. my brother basically bullies me. this entire thing made me feel so uncomfortable

  15. I feel like he got the wrong idea when he was younger I don’t rlly think he is treating her sexually but just to protect her because he was told that when he was young. He was only in 4th grade so he probably thought it was right to care for her like that.

  16. Damn this situation has INCEST written all over it, if this was in America the cops would have arrested him.

  17. why are they giving him such long speeches where he can pity himself? I feel creeped out and disgusted, poor girl

  18. I don't like how they're treating the girl as some object that needs to lose weight and isn't happy and the guy as someone who's feelings and thoughts need to be protected

  19. The guy who made a comment about her weight at 14:06 shocked me so much lmao how can you humiliate a person so calmly like that??

  20. Am I the only one who feel like he doesn’t think of her as a sister?

  21. One of my biggest wishes is to just go on this show and say fuck the comedy and actual try and get help for these people 😂

  22. Wait so you're chastising the girl for sitting on her brothers lap but not the 30 year old obsessive freak of a man that forced her doing it in the first place by emotionally manipulating her? This is what I don't get about this show, it deals with way too serious issues and then they make fun of the situation to keep a light hearted mood.

  23. This show should be serious in certain problems. I know it has a comedy type of category but damn, TAKE HER AND HER PROBLEM SERIOUSLY!!!!

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