A hospice pediatric nurse on end-of-life in children: “The timeline doesn’t always make sense …"

the body makes a lot of sense but the timeline doesn't make any sense like how these kids can hang on for days without any water except what we give them for mint flushes is unreal and a lot of times the kids that end up hanging out in the sort of comatose I don't know what the right word for that is called I just call it the comatose period where they're sort of just breathing and they can't interact and they can't open their eyes and they're not really responding the kids that tend to hang out and this is my own perception in that period longer are the kids who have were born with diagnoses and all they and what I say parents is this is taking so long because all we have told this kid to do is to fight and so now we're in this period and we're totally shifting what we're telling them to do and they're a kid and kids don't always tell them listen to what we tell them to open so we're in this period of this is taking so long because you have a really tough kid and I think that's kind of awesome if we can look at it that way I know it's agonizing for you but like this is a final show of how tough your kid is and sometimes that helps and sometimes are people like well why won't they live in and I have no answer for that and I just give them a hug but I think a lot of times the longer we see the end of life go on is these kids that have all they've done since they were little is survive and fight and it you know we always say you die the way you love and that is very true in the pediatric population I think especially

Glenn Chapman

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