A father who locked up his son? [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.03.25]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I think the dorm should be more relaxed. He should mainly focus on high school. There should be balance. 3 hour commute why can’t he go to a closer school, is it that Seoul placement system?

  2. Why can’t he sing in the dorms? Why must education be a military type environment for high school?

  3. He’s in a phase where he’s figuring out what to do in life, but he will regret this one day. I honestly don’t understand why this is a concern. Literally 2 weeks… There would be other people who would want and be happy to be in his spot. Taking things for granted man..

  4. his song was beautiful i really hope he officially releases it one day, i wanna download it lol

  5. Three days. Not bad. He has an ear for music. He’s talented. He can definitely write.

  6. When I went to college, I lived over 3 hours away from my parents home. I am not going to lie. I did get a bit homesick for the first few days, but I came to school to learn and to get my degree. I chose the school. My parents wanted me to be closer, but I didn't want that. That was my choice. After graduating, I did come back home. I will never regret my choice to go to school far away from home. I will never complain about the distance with my mom. She will probably spoil me and convince my dad to bring me home. That is not what I want.

    The son in this scenatio is spoiled. At every inconvenience, he would come to his mother. His mom spoiled him so much because he is her pride and joy. I understand that, but she will hinder his personal growth.

  7. I'm on her husb side..it's normal if ur son crying to came back home..

  8. He needs more time to adapt… It's hard to be away from home, but you can't stay at home forever. Also, he's complaining about the schedule during the weekday… I mean, yeah he can't really practice his singing in weekdays, but he can do it in weekend tho, maybe not in the dorm, maybe else where. He could also be doing busking or something idk… But oh well😶😶

  9. he is smart and he is a real genius in music too, so amazing 😆 i love that kind of voice

  10. Their son smile reminds me to Mino pre debut era 😂

  11. He learned how to play the guitar like that in THREE DAY. Not only is he in the top 3 in school, but gifted musically. Dad needs to let up a bit,,give him a little leeway and as long as he doesn't mess up with school, let him do what he loves.

  12. why would yeongja mention his weight like that 😐 anyone of any shape or size could lose their appetite I-

  13. when he started saying "we all lie" sky castle came into my mind lol his voice isn't bad and so is his guitar skills….but 2 weeks in a dorm and already giving up? he does know that the idol life is just as strict with their schedule, right? he will have to practice the same song and dance over and over again and they don't have the right to pick out their title track and concept. being a singer-songwriter is just as hard if you're unknown. if he really means, he should try auditioning for an agency that supports his demands. rather than whining about it, he can try showing more proof to his work and convince his dad of his effort. his dad isn't giving in easily to him because he cares about his future. he's a good father and both of them must learn to respect each other's view points.

  14. I feel like people are really over estimating this guys voice. He needs a fair amount of work to improve which is surprising since he’s already been taking lessons. I feel like the mom spoils the kid a lot and undermines dads authority. He’s a good dad, and a good husband.

  15. I know the kid is young and is probably going through a serious bout of homesickness, but for real, this is for his benefit. His family is very supportive!

  16. Lmao, two weeks, the son isn't even trying bruh :')
    I actually think his parents are so kind and supportive maybe that's why he thinks it's right he gets what he wants so fast

  17. nowadays I'm to addicted by hello counselor I guess my mom will send a concern letter to them 😂😂😂😂

  18. Wow he is really lucky to have a dad like that. He seems so supportive. It seems like he is just being a baby. Since the parents seem to let him do whatever he feels. He should think about his father and just endure it.

  19. this is not a big concern he just needs to get used to it. i went to boarding school for 3 years and didn't like it at first. on the other hand, he's an amazing musician and singer someone sign him!!!

  20. I went to a boarding high school & I’ll be honest, the first two weeks was annoying bc there were a lot of rules I have to obey, I can’t have ketchup with all my meals (since it’s for all students not one), it was an girls school & wasn’t fond of it, plus many more unreasonable reasons. However, my dad didn’t listen to me when I call after two weeks crying over food & wanting to leave, instead told me to “suck it up.” Glad I did listen to him bc I meet the best life lasting friends who became a part of my family as well as instructors whom treated their students as their daughters 😌♥️♥️

  21. Am I the only one who replayed him singing over and over again??? I hope he really becomes something big with his talent. I'd support him💜

  22. I know the son want to be singer but only for 2 weeks at dorm. Make me feel this is not concern. Lmao

  23. Ah Joee is there??? i so did not reconize her without her blonde hair :0 whoa

  24. Staying in the dorm for 2 weeks is way too short to come here though. So immature

  25. 14:40 “the dad is stone faced”
    Haha i thought about this emoji ~🗿

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