A delicate yet manly man [Hello Counselor / 2016.12.05]

Glenn Chapman


  1. He doesn't act or try to be a girl..
    It's him hormones..He doesn't even have Adam's apple..
    I hate Society💔💔
    I feel so sorry for him😭
    It's not his fault..
    It's how God has created him..
    We should respect that

  2. He’s so pure. It’s right that it’s not his problem, it’s the society that’s the problem.

  3. I actually fell in love with him on the time he enter the studio 😂😂

  4. he should be ble to like the things he likes… as if it’s shameful to be feminine

  5. Some of the other people on stage were so rude to this man! They laughed and behaved very childishly and ignorantly. I’m sorry for this man. He seems very, very nice, and very considerate! Shame on those who were rude!

  6. I need a bf that carries wet tissue and hand cream bc I always forgot mine or my purse is too small -.-

  7. He is so nice
    I wish people wouldn't treat him like that love all people ❤

  8. I'm a girl but i like playing basketball and wearing sneakers, i am even in my school team so..that doesnt mean i am boy. Each person has thier own liking

  9. a lot of male k-idols wax their legs, dye their hair pastel colors, act shy and sweet and love cute things such as plushies, etc. and those men are fetishized for it because some weird fangirls have some kink on "gay" or "feminine" people… but when it's a 37 y.o man then suddenly it's disgusting?? some korean people could at least PRETEND they're not homophobic weirdos who only want their oppas to do "feminine" stuff because they're handsome and that's "cute". there's a difference between finding fanservice cute and pushing a yaoi-like cliche vision of the gay couple on their idols if it's to be homophobic to other men who act feminine. the man on the show is so sweet and i hope he and his girlfriend are doing good

  10. Actually….the moment i heard about the man i thaught of sunyeul too😂😂😂

  11. Who were the two sitting next to Yeongja and which band are they from?

  12. That's right..it's our society's problem not his. He's precious. Fighting oppa😍

  13. Honestly it's upsetting to see these people laugh at him and think he's weird for doing things he likes and trying to be comfortable with himself. he's honestly so brave ike that. Men can be into self-care and like things that girls like. I'd love to marry a man that takes the time to take care of himself and do things he likes to do than a man who tries to be as stereotypically manly as possible. his sexuality and gender identity has nothing to do with his personality, stop judging him.

  14. His tone is soft but still, I can tell that he's voice is masculine even if I heard him on a radio show.
    The issue for me is his demeanour, his poise, the way his shoulders are shrunk, he's been attacked his whole life (in addition to his own delicate personality) that's why his body language is on a defensive (and passive) stand… I wish I knew him only to tell him to stand straight with his shoulders back and embrace his graceful nature.
    If he had more support or a good coaching, he could be seen as an elegant and refined gentleman because he's really a gentleman: hardworking, ended up in a good position during his military service (so he's diligent and seen positively in the military strong criteria, there's no place for bullshitters nor weak people).

  15. his message is very insightful. Some people should learn something from him. 👏

  16. 해외거주중인데 생각해보면 우리나라 차별은근 심함…남자가 전화상담원하면 어떻고 왜 그리 오지랖이 넓은지..외국만 나가도 남자들이 네일아트하는 곳도 많고 여자남자구분하는 태도 자체가 너무 심함…

  17. be gay don't have a shit with masculinity or femininity, it's just about if you like dck or pssy damn

  18. Ok I apologize to everyone who was offended on behalf of the Koreans, but no one was looking at him in disgust, it’s a misunderstanding because some gay people act feminine. And the people who thought he was gay didn’t do anything wrong everyone assumes it’s called a first impression my guys

  19. “ I don’t think you should try to define people …” That’s on of the best thing I’ve heard so far in this show

  20. Why is it that always feminine men are treated horribly? They are just being true to themselves instead of acting fake!!! i really hate homophobes and judgemental people. why would it matter if a person is gay/straight/bi/trans etc

  21. I really didn't like them laughing at him in the beginning I bet they thought he's gay and even if he's gay Korean people literally despise lgbt community and I hope they would open up this matter and try to be a little open-minded and tolerant I mean he/she didn't propose to you so why bothering being so hateful because he's just different from you it's HIS/HER BUSINESS you don't have a right to judge what's right and what's wrong people prospectives are different and yours is not the only right one. I hope someday Korean people would be open to foreigners different sexualities different appearances and customs

  22. Awwww he's so adorable, literally uwu throughout the whole video at him

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