7 Signs Your Heart Chakra Is Healing

Hey, what’s going on my friends welcome to my youtube channel, my name is Victor and today I’m gonna share these seven signs that your heart chakra is healing and opening up beautifully a lot of different videos and such they talked about some of the Surface level symptoms like energy in your heart space that kind of thing, but there are actually a lot of more Universal and deeper signs of a massive heart opening that a lot of people don’t necessarily Correlate with having such a profound and positive Significance, so that’s the purpose of this video to let you know that even if you’ve been feeling very emotional very unbalanced very stress and all these different symptoms that can sometimes go along with this heart opening that you’re actually in the process of something grand and Amazing. So stay tuned if you want to hear those signs. I’ll get into them right now Number one perhaps the most confusing is that you’ll be feeling usually a lot of potent Emotions, you’re just we all have waves of emotion varying across the spectrum that wash over us throughout our days right and they all have a Certain level of you know potency and intensity But when you’re going through a heart opening a heart chakra healing those very emotion. Those waves will seem strong or more fierce more stormy more powerful more potent and initially this can make you seem like you’re doing the opposite of having a heart opening because Why would I be feeling such an intense sorrow or pain or frustration or anger or fear or anxiety or trepidation or worry? Well if this is that love no But there are emotions that are securing your eternal natural Connection to the love that will just pour out of your heart But in order to get to that pure expression and openness of your heart chakra You’ll need to go through those emotions and your high your higher self Your inner being your inner spirit knows that so it will align you with Circumstances in your life designed to trigger up those heavy emotions obscuring Your heart space and just so you get the point. They’re gonna be more potent and more Obviously you look at them pay attention to them and then release them number two you might find that surface level pleasures and Stimulation may be hobbies that one interest in you are no longer cutting it. They’re no longer Satisfying you you you are starting to understand that there is something deeper that you’re not quite getting yet And you’re not gonna find it in these patterns and these things that you’ve been doing a lot of maybe throughout your life One of the ways I realize this is with my growth on YouTube Well, I wanted to be a youtuber for a long time after six years I finally developed the courage to get on to YouTube It didn’t go smoothly for a while But eventually I started to get traction and it was just so exciting and rewarding And empowering to see that I I did that and I started to grow very quickly and for a while Seeing these numbers and how many subscribers I was getting every day was like wow Yeah, awesome. But over time this sort of superficial high I was experiencing became more seen as such more realized to be ultimately, I’m fulfilling I also noticed this was snacking on like unhealthy foods That’s something I’ve had a habit of doing my whole life But a personal trainer so I can always like work it off and stuff So nobody saw it but I tend to have a binge II kind of mindset with unhealthy food and I’ve shared before and That started to become seen as just such a a weak dim fleeting pleasure ultimately not at all fulfilling and this can initially seem like wow what is there and That’s the question. That’s the reason that you’re having this clarity and realization that these other things aren’t it? They aren’t ultimately your your deeper truths and only in that awareness. Can you start looking elsewhere? Can you break those patterns? so if you feel kind of dull and like look things aren’t Satisfying you that’s actually a good sign and it’s gonna cause you to start asking the question of well What will satisfy me and that’s the magic question and that’s what well that should be answered because you’re a powerful co-creator You might find number three that you’re doing a lot of processing or maybe you know You should be doing more processing which is to imply you me time a lot of processing in implies that you need more time to allow your system your body or your vessel to sort of reorient itself as You are going through these potent cleanses and these sort of mental shifts in all this transformation It’s important to make the choice that take the time if you’re not doing it and what I’ll give an example I had this good friend. Her name is Sarah And what she does is she’s a combo practitioner which without going deeply into that is an amazonian powerful Cleanse spiritual cleanse and she holds ceremonies and jazz if they’re a lot of work She really has to hold space for a lot of people going through very profound in sort of drastic Healings and it’s transformative for her to be connected to that So usually for a few days afterwards She’ll need to to process to take time to rest and to heal and just to be with herself and the other day She was supposed to come over to shoot a podcast with me She’s a good friend of mine and she emailed me the day before saying hey Vic. Listen, dude I just had a bunch of ceremonies. Is there any way we can push this back? I’m feeling a bit foggy and Rundown at the moment and I want to be at my best So if you’ve not been feeling your best and you’ve been taking meeting, or at least knowing you need to take more time Just to rest and be with yourself That’s also a sign of this heart opening because it implies you’re doing a lot of healing work a lot of emotional cleansing right now number four sort of somewhat specifically though This is not always a case is that you might feel just a heaviness in? Your chest area a heaviness and like an energy like the need you need to like like open it up and release it That won’t always be the case But oftentimes is and everyone will experience this energetic aspect of the awakening process to varying degrees and they’re all Valid? Okay. So some of you might have a very discernable sort of like Pockety type of energy Looming over your heart space other the other people might just feel like a general tightness that you could say Well, I could just be like congested or something where it’s not that obvious but you might feel again just sort of a heaviness in your chest area with also the intuition that it would be nice to Release it Number five you might find that the emotions that you’re processing and sort of dealing with maybe the themes in your life. Have a deeper origin meaning I’ll give you an example briefly of a surface level issue You go to work and someone says something that is offensive and you find yourself. You can’t sleep at night That’s sort of a sense ruminating. There’s some anxiety and emotions It may be some resentment going on But the themes in your life, the the emotions getting triggered up will be more powerful than that. It will be deeper They’ll be like the true like root type of emotion that I’m blocking your heart space Probably your entire life like in tensing’s intense fear intense lack of self-worth Really a strong Feeling of on confidence a really strong feeling of sorrow or like you like no one loves you like those real deep inner child types of wounds will be more of the forefront of the themes in your life and that’s how you know again your heart chakra is opening because those are the things that Maybe you deal with the annoying person at work. And and you’re fine up here at this little this top layer But for you to really have that Massive heart space opening you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna be going deep and now everyone’s ready for this not everyone does this right? Away, I didn’t But as the awakening gets deeper within you so does the nature of these emotional? Cleanses and it can seem like regression. It can seem like you’re not doing a good job when in fact you’re finally going deep because you have that strength and courage and Experience and you’re ready for that real big opening that real big shift Number six you might find that you’re you’re getting touched more By life where you where you have those moment. We’re really Connected with what matters in life and I’ll give an example that sounded probably kind of vague just last night that’s happening with me Right now I was watching this movie Jack with my family. Jack is about Robin Williams in the movie He’s plays a 40 year old man. Who? Ages so quickly four times the rate of a normal person so really has the mind of a ten-year-old and he’s going to school like forth look is great or something cuz I always like get young kid playing in tree houses Anyway, it’s it’s very it becomes kind of a very touching movie and the whole theme is about that life is fleeting We are our light that’s like a shooting star and we’re beautiful. We light up the place and then we fizzle out and it really I just watched the movie I Just got so emotional like last hour of the movie was just so touching I just felt so connected to like the the the point and the purpose and the meaning within the movie I was less in my mind Watching intellectually and more connected to my feeling more deep within my heart space and therefore I just felt touched by the movie to a Unusual degree. So that’s kind of what I mean by being touched by aspects of life. You might find ourselves getting choked up more easily more in touch with Your soul’s response to situations in your life rather than your minds response Number seven, you might find that you’re seriously Reevaluating your values and truly putting time and real energy into seeking something deeper in life you might find that your career is No longer gonna cut it, you know You’re not gonna ultimately be happy there if you were to never leave for the rest of your career, and you’re starting to see Kind of like the writing on the wall And there’s this knowing that there is more to life that you came to experience Beyond that awareness it’s to the point where you’re like hell-bent on finding it. What is it? I want it and I now I really don’t want to go on the way things our business as usual much longer because I’m Really becoming growingly discontent and unsatisfied. I need something deeper. I know there’s something deep within myself Something service or a mission or something? I came to express or do and I’m it’s like it’s something that you’re genuinely thinking about genuinely seeking out Because when you open up your heart chakra when you get into your heart space you start living from more of the vantage point perspective of your soul and your soul does have talents that does have value to add it does have a mission here in this lifetime now and It’s gonna find it It’s gonna provoke you to seek out for it because when in the in the end, we all came here to spread love and You finding the thing in life that satisfies you even if it’s for you and you enjoy it, which is totally fine It’s going to also be in a sense spreading higher-dimensional Love energy as you do it you watch Jimi Hendrix play guitar solo. There is high vibrations emanating From a man who’s so connected with his soul’s essence our Michael Jackson dancing around on stage or whatever Michael Jordan shooting there’s millions of other examples of people who have Connected with their soul and open up their hearts to their own divine gifts And that’s what all this stuff means all the things that you were going through a probably thing like am I having a midlife crisis? What the hell is going on with me? Why am I so unhappy for no reason when nothing really has changed so much on the outside Where are these crazy emotions coming from why am I so tired? I need a process and I need more meantime Nothing seems to be standing up. All of that is Connected to your heart blossoming your healing your gravitating towards alignment finally a beautiful thing Congratulations, that’s you and really means you’re going deep and you’re gonna go for and you’re gonna find it You’re gonna get what the real potential of the human experience In this life and which is that is of joy connection passion and love my friend Congrats Okay, well that is all I have to share for this video I really hope you enjoyed it’s an honor and a pleasure to be speaking with you I know if you resonate with this information, then you really are a deep diver And I respect that and I honor you so, thank you And with that I’m gonna balance real quick before I go if this is your very first time stumbling upon my youtube channel Let I’ll let you know. I do have a free a couple of free meditations What I’m offering in this video is a free healing guided meditation It will really help you If you’re like having trouble getting rid of these big emotions that are coming up really don’t know what to do with them don’t know how to process is something you can pop in and listen to it Oh guide you through a Healing but it’s not me. I don’t take credit for the healing I guide you through the realization that you already know how to heal your self That’s the underlying purpose of this meditation. It’s totally free I channeled it just like I do all these videos check it out down below in the description if you’d like with that I’m gonna bounce you guys have an amazing day. Have a great week I’ll see you all next time subscribe if you want more videos of this nature that you really if you really In view if you are going through a spiritual awakening and want that guidance I do a lot of videos on that topic now. I wanna say my friends. Peace

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