600lb man gets left in 100 degree weather by CNA!

this is Dexter this video is an estimate I need help nice call me up a client went to the front desk to give me another room key to give me in my room it's been over an hour I'm out of here is our two degrees I'm famished I'm sure I'm very funky what have you been I know I know but she she stays she stays under the influence where you been wait a bit in my room you look like you've been sleep this is what I have to do I'm Jerry huh I told nine one one day tell me this it's she was around she said I had him I didn't have any oh my god I mean the day that you let me out sup in scoochie Heat did you bring any water oh this is not funny ghetto bumpkin she almost fell this is section please give me she's no oh my blender fit she's horrible she's really ghetto bumpkin get up and fuck me don't fall into my hair oh my gosh eat up this I'm just recording you I'm just gonna record you so now I'm recording you stop no you can't wait people I'm just recording on 44th authority if you see if you see this video crooked look at her glass is crooked it represented a you had something she doesn't something what I've had it the whole time oh please share this video please

Glenn Chapman


  1. 不不不不不不不不不手手手手手手手手手手手手手

  2. I know this is comedy. But I'm thankful to Almighty God I'm not a part of this nor are my children

  3. Hell naaah…. did you see her glasses and when she asked ..who are you?? I hollered 不poor patient LMFAO
    Love y'all for real

  4. rolling on the floor…. you called 911, they said you had help!!!!! too funny… love the skits!!!!!

  5. Ghetto Bumpkin is killed this role bahahahahaha Yal are sooo amazing 返樹

  6. Dexter stop it be for someone believe this lady is really doing something to u. You don't wear diapers

  7. she probably tired of taking care of big fat ass….. lazy ass phat nigga.

  8. Oh nooooo!!!! She left you out in all that heat and humidity. Hugs to Dexter儭

  9. Ghetto Bumpkins drunk episodes are always right on time. Like, you understand why she may have a few adult beverages dealing with Dexters antics. Im not even sure shes acting with all those taste tests you did, shes too natural of a drunk to be doing it sober.

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