37-year-old money-sucking son. A talented unemployed man.[Hello Counselor Sub: ENG,THA/2018.06.04]

Glenn Chapman


  1. That guy is seriously all the people in bloxburg asking for money from me.

  2. he doesnt want to change because hes too comfortable living off his parents

  3. He is just a brat. He had no right to call himself an adult. Being an adult means that you take responsibilities of your own work and behaviour and it means that you can stand alone with your own strength without any support of others.

    저치는 어른이라고 불릴 자격이 없습니다!!! 아우 속터져! 혼자의 힘으로 생활할 능력이 없는 사람도 주변에서 안좋게 보는데 하물려 주변에서 도움을 받은것도 못알아보고 고마운줄 모르고 자신의 말에 책임도 안지는 사람은 어른이라고 불릴자격이 없다고 생각합니다!

  4. Anyone seen the update after the 1 month period? I can't find it on their website.

  5. *before watching. Kick him out. He needs to stand on his own two feet and be responsible

  6. He says the announcement is in 1 month. In that amount of time he can make $2,100 USD. I wanted to punch his face until the very end! The parents shouldn't be still supporting him!

  7. That "boy" in the third concern, I can understand his inability to start something new, his depression, and his anxiety of people as I'm in the same situation. But as a fellow professional webtoonist-wanna-be, I think he's cheeky. How can he not has any rolemodel or any webtoonist he respects? It annoys me.

  8. He needs to see a psychiatrist… sometimes i wish the shows physically brings them

  9. Dont tell me i was the only one reading the thumbnail as "Man-Sucking-Man" i wws so confused at first lol

  10. The mother is paying up for her bad parenting but she has had enough and I think her son has a psychological problem already. He is not in touch with reality anymore. He is definitely not normal.

  11. Sounds like this dude is depressed and agoraphobic n no one seems to give a shit

  12. Her son is a narcissist. He hears his mother say she's tired and has thought of suicide and he immediately turned it to be about him and how he's severely depressed too…smgh… blessings to his parents.

  13. soooo…it's been more than a month…. did they ever update on him ? lolll

  14. just stop giving money he'll look for another way to play his games that's all

  15. i feel so sorry for the mom, she wasted her money on her useless child

  16. I love the older brother so much. I can see that he cherishes his younger bro so much but also tells him to come to his senses by sending him jobs every day that he will be comfortable with. The younger bro doesnt realise how valuable those jobs are and how hard it is to find jobs like that.The whole family is really so nice but that is also one of the reasons the youngest ended up like this. This man behves just like a kid bu i just wish he would listen and accept whta they are saying. He is lucky to have a supportive family. He doesnt realise how much god has given him.

  17. park jiseon is very deep and mature. ❤️ Lot of her points mde sense.

  18. This is the first time I felt sad for both victim and offender. This guy… seems to have depression himself and depression really makes someone unmotivated. His "high" self esteem looks like just a cover up for his low confidence and fear of failure

  19. this is exactly like my brother, king of excuse, angry when being scolded let alone get a job he is angry when I asked to wash his own dishes, My family just being there, only pray and give his treatment… yes it is depression and no other way fo out… how long this is gonna end…I just so mad with my brother

  20. he is so much worse than me..tho currently im unemployed and in my 20s…however i never asked money from my parents….

  21. Being rejected from a job application is horrible but it happens to every one. When I was 15/16 I applied for just over 20 jobs and I got rejected by all of them. I then waited a couple of weeks and applied for more when I finally was accepted. It is a horrible feeling to be rejected but you have to keep going forward and trying. That's life.

  22. the fact that she had those thoughts makes me think my mom. (but that’s due to my dad) it pains me. 🙁

  23. So it's been a month. Where is he and what did the webcomic company say? Bc if he's not gonna take that part time job now I'm gonna lose my mind

  24. FUCK THAT MONEY SUCKING SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Is so sad seeing her mom laughing you can see she feels so depressed :c

  26. Life isn't easy. He didn't experience the hardship of earning money yet that's why he doesn't feel anything wrong or guilty for asking money from his family. Argh this kinda people really inconsiderate.

    Anyway idk why his voice somehow reminds me of Sehun 😭

  27. Its so sad when im reading some of hating or incourage comments cause i understand his issues so well in terms wanting to get a job cause i have the same anxiety as him and its kills me …but still i think he should not spend a lot of money when he have no job and once in a while its good to meet up with friends so that he can change his way of thinking by looking outside world ""

  28. The guy has either clinical anxiety or severe depression. The pressure or nagging to get a job or else may be further enabling his condition. It's a real thing.

    I know the frustration on having someone dependent and leeching off you can be taxing to your life ESPECIALLY the mother doing it for not just the first 20 years but 17 more years (old people wanting to suicide is the saddest thing in life) but if the family want to better their situation they should seek psychological counselling and maybe medication if they're not already.
    There is no shame in seeking professional advice on your loans, or physical ailments, purchases, etc as much as in your mental wellbeing.
    I mean as long as you get better, fuck society if it shuns you, right?

  29. Korean people: Ar-u-beit-o German people: Arbeit 😂😂😂😂🤷🏻

  30. useless son. I used to be like him in 20 but when i was in 27 now, i succeed n fulfill my dreams as an actor. I'm an Malaysian local actor now who always play as villain character

  31. He has been so holed up in his own small world. His pride is soooo high, probably that was why he got hurt big time in his work experience.
    Dude, come on. Go out, see the world, see how many various people out there with their own stories and their own talent. Change that damn narrow perspective of yours.

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