1st day of my new career

howdy and thank you so much for your support through my journey over the last 33 years I'm really excited to share with you something that I've discovered that I'm very passionate about and it all came as a result of a tragedy that happened last month I was in California because my grandmother Joyce Farley had her memorial services she passed away in April of 2019 and just being able to share some of the memories that I have with her and then to see her best friend Ellen on the boat as she spread her ashes was really emotional for me and as I have begun to do some research on assisted living and nursing homes I haven't found a go-to person someone that really has the resources available that are free that can educate people on how to navigate through this maze of minutia and all of these new experiences that they're about to go through as a result of having to put a loved one in the care either for themselves or with the family member that has to take care of them now or having to put them into a facility or a home for assisted living or 24-hour supervision so I have a podcast I would really appreciate your support and writing either a comment in the bottom of the box it's supported on currently nine platforms and awaiting three more obviously the most popular platform for most podcasts is Apple and iTunes so in the link below you are welcome to listen to the four published and recorded episodes that are available and hopefully there's many more to come the home stretch podcast is a hundred and one plus tips for navigating assisted living and nursing homes it's intended for adult children who are having to put their parent into a facility or home or how to just navigate through all of these new things that they are about to go through the time that I got to spend with my grandmother the last several years of her life I had to come to a point where I accepted where she was at mentally where she was at physically and as I share some of the stories and I interview specialists from all over the country I'm really excited to have a professor on dementia and Alzheimer's from UCLA I have medical professionals from USC law people from Harvard and LSU and it's just some doors are opening up and God is working a tremendous gift in my life through this pain and I hope that you're able to connect with it and find some benefit as well so thank you so much for your support I love you the time that you have with your loved ones is not definite and you never know when it's gonna end and I hope that the remaining moments that you have are both abundant and joyful and until our next conversation have a beautiful day

Glenn Chapman

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