1999-2004 Mustang OPR Cobra Front Bumper Cover – Primed Review & Install

Justin: If you’re looking to fix up a busted
factory bumper on your New Edge Cobra or just looking to give that ’99 to ’04 Mustang a
facelift in general, well, then, OPR’s Cobra Front Bumper here would be a great choice. Now, you have to keep in mind, the option
we are talking about in this video will ship primed. Yes, I know this bumper has been sprayed right
already, however, that is just for installation and B-roll purposes only. So with that said, just keep in mind, guys,
you are purchasing a primed option here with this video. Now, the Cobra Front Bumper will be built
to factory specs from that durable, yet flexible urethane, but again, will need to be painted
prior to the installation. Price point’s gonna hover around that $650
price point, while the install itself will get a middle of the road two outta three wrenches
on the difficulty meter here and it should take a few hours to complete from start to
finish as we’ll show you later in the video. So as I mentioned earlier, guys, this bumper
will appeal to a wide variety of ’99 to ’04 owners out there for a couple of different
reasons. Now, first and foremost, if you are a Terminator
or Cobra owner in general and you’ve gotten maybe into a little fender bender or your
factory bumper is just beat, well, then, this would be a great way to get your car back
to new again. On the other hand, if you do have a V6, GT
Mach 1, or Bullitt and you really just dig the look of those factory Cobra bumpers, and
let’s face it, who doesn’t, then going with the OPR option here would make for a relatively
easy and affordable way to facelift your ride. Now, the bumper itself again, has been built
to factory specs out of that pliable urethane material here, guys, so you can expect a great
fit and a lot more durability than say, compared to a fiberglass option, which really doesn’t
have that flex. Now, since this is a primed option, you will
need to get the bumper painted to match your ride prior to the installation. Now, I do wanna point out a couple of quick
things here, first and foremost, this bumper is meant to delete that factory grille entirely
just like the OE Cobra. So with that said, don’t try to install the
honeycomb grille from your V6 or your GT into this opening because it simply will not work. Now, secondly, guys, this bumper does not
include any of the fog light bezels or the fog lights themselves to fit in the lower
portion of this bumper, and in my opinion, they really are needed to help complete the
look. However, you can find them here on the site
for about roughly 80 to 90 extra bucks, so definitely check those out as well. Last but not least, it also does not ship
with any kind of chin spoiler. Now, OPR does make a really clean looking
Cobra-style chin spoiler that you can also find here on the site and something to consider
when checking out something like this to really nail that look entirely. But outside of all that, the bumper will install
just like your factory piece. In fact, OPR does kick in some brackets and
pop rivets to help you get everything in place, but that’s pretty much about it. However, we do wanna give you a better idea
of how things are gonna go down here, so here’s that detailed walkthrough we promised you
earlier along with a quick tool breakdown. Man: The tools needed for this install are
a quarter-inch ratchet, a pop rivet gun, an 11-millimeter socket, a clip removal tool,
a Phillips head screwdriver, and a small pocket screwdriver. So the first step of this install is gonna
be to pop the hood and remove the clips at the upper part of the grille before moving
to your inner fender liners and then underneath the bumper. Next, I’m gonna remove this screw on the fender
liner as well as one clip on the inside to pull the fender liner back and gain access
to the bolts and screws that are on the inside. Now I’m gonna use an 11-millimeter socket
to remove the two nuts on the inside of the bumper. This is also gonna be a really good time to
unplug my fog light as I have very good access to it. Now I’m gonna repeat that process on the other
side of the vehicle. This bumper has been off before and the screw
is missing and been replaced. So I’m gonna use a 7-millimeter socket to
remove this screw, remove the inner fender liner, pull it back, and pull the bolts for
the bumper. Now I’m just gonna pop these two clips out
from underneath the bottom. This bumper should be ready to come off. With all that hardware removed, we’re ready
to pull the bumper off. So as you can see, this bumper comes with
provisions for fog lights. However, the factory GT fog lights are not
gonna fit in here. This is only designed for the Cobra-style
fog lights. Now, this bumper does not come with these
fog lights, however, if you go to our website, you can find a whole kit that includes the
fog lights and the brackets that you’ll be needing to put them into this bumper and now
is gonna be a good time to do it as you got the bumper off the car, it’s a lot easier
to install. So because there’s no fog lights to install
on this bumper, now we can install the supplied brackets. You’re gonna need a rivet gun and the supplied
rivets and you’re gonna put them on in either corner. Use your factory bumper orientation to figure
out how the brackets go on and you should be fine. All right. Now I’m ready to install the brackets that
come with the kit. I’m also gonna use the rivets that are included
with the kit as well. Now, for this, you’re gonna need a rivet gun
and make sure you hold the bracket tight up against the bumper and squeeze the rivet. And now we can repeat this process on the
other side of the bumper. So now we got our brackets riveted on, we
can throw the bumper into place and we’re in the home stretch. Now I’m gonna reinstall the factory hardware
that holds the bumper onto the fender. That’s gonna wrap up this review and install
the OPR Cobra Front Bumper Cover for your ’99 to ’04 Mustang. Thanks for watching and for all things Mustang,
keeping right here at americanmuscle.com.

Glenn Chapman


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  2. I would totally buy prepainted fenders and bumpers for an s197 at least as an option

  3. Why don't you have any 1999/ 2001 Cobra style bumpers? They go for so much in Mustang parts groups. You'd sell a ton of them if you made them available.

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