1965 Salvador Dali “Drawers of Memory” Lithograph | Portland, Hour 2 | Preview

GUEST: I found it in my parents’ garage about
five years ago, tucked away behind a bunch of boxes. At first, I had no idea what it was, but it
seemed relatively significant. So I pulled it out, and lo and behold, my
father would tell me, “Oh, that’s the Dalí.” Apparently, my uncle owned an art gallery
in Chicago back in the day, and my father either gave him a loan or invested in the
gallery a while back and this was repayment of the debt or a thank you for the investment. APPRAISER: Did your dad have any idea what
it was? I mean, aside from the Dalí? GUEST: He did, he did, not aside from knowing
that it was a Dalí, I think he just liked the way it looked. I’m not even sure if he got to pick exactly
what he got, but other than that, that’s all he’s told me, and that’s all I know. It’s sat in my basement ever since. It’s not in the best condition, so… APPRAISER: Is this how you found it? GUEST: Yes. I sprayed some Windex on the glass this morning,
before I brought it in, maybe wiped a few cobwebs off, but that’s it. APPRAISER: Nice work. All right. So it’s a lithograph by Salvador Dalí. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: He signed it down here in pencil,
and you can see down here, it’s a limited edition of 150, pencil numbered there. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: He made this lithograph in 1965. The lithograph’s title is “Drawers of Memory.” It’s based on an earlier sculpture, as well
as an earlier painting that he had made in 1936. GUEST: Wow, okay. APPRAISER: The sculpture is now very well
known, it’s called the “Venus de Milo with Drawers.” So, it’s the famous Greek sculpture. GUEST: Yeah. APPRAISER: He made a replica of that and put
drawers on the statue. GUEST: Okay, fascinating. APPRAISER: And he was… this was in 1936,
and he was very influenced by Sigmund Freud. And Dalí once said that the only difference
between the ancient Greek norm of the human body and then the body post-Freud was that
Freud had made the body full of secret drawers. GUEST: Very interesting. APPRAISER: So, this lithograph is based on
those two earlier works– the painting, now in a German collection, the statue, the “Venus
de Milo with Drawers,” in the Art Institute of Chicago from 1936. GUEST: Oh, okay. APPRAISER: This is in reverse of the painting. The lithograph was published by Sidney Lucas,
who had a gallery in New York and worked very closely with Dalí in the mid-1960s. GUEST: Oh, really, okay. APPRAISER: Condition on it, it’s a little
buckled at the edges. GUEST: Yeah, I noticed that. APPRAISER: I’d probably re-matte that. GUEST: Okay. Is that all it would take? APPRAISER: Yeah, it’s probably just slipped
in the matting, and so it’s buckled up like that. All in all, it looks like it’s in great condition
to me. GUEST: Really? Wow. APPRAISER: And it’s one of Dalí’s largest
lithographs. GUEST: Mm-hmm. APPRAISER: And it’s a very well-known image. GUEST: Oh, okay. APPRAISER: There are a lot of forgeries of
his work, we all know that, that’s pretty… GUEST: Oh, really? I didn’t know that. (laughing) APPRAISER: Except for you. GUEST: Apparently, I’m out. APPRAISER: Toward the end of his career, publishers
making copies of his work, putting signatures on, forging the signatures, forging the works. Lots of red flags with Dalí’s work, but this
is surely genuine. You’ve never had it valued? GUEST: No, I have no idea. APPRAISER: What’s your guess? What do you think it’s worth? GUEST: Well, I’ve heard of Dalí before, so
I know it’s got to be worth something. APPRAISER: He’s a household name. GUEST: I really don’t know the… how much
difference in value a print would be versus a… the original, I would hope like $1,000
to $2,000 or something like that? APPRAISER: Only 150 of these were made, so
it’s fairly scarce from 1965. GUEST: Mm-hmm. APPRAISER: I would put a replacement value
on this at $30,000. GUEST: (laughing) What? Are you kidding me? (laughs) Whoo! All righty. That is more than I expected. APPRAISER: Well, congratulations, this is
a great print and take good care of it. GUEST: Yeah, um, I think I’ll… I think I’ll put a new matte on it. APPRAISER: Thank your parents for it. GUEST: Yes, I will do that as well. My dad might want to take it back now, (laughing):
I’m not sure. Wow. Suddenly taken on a lot more beauty, you know? Very appreciative, now. APPRAISER: I like it more and more. GUEST: I know, right? It’s not going back in the basement.

Glenn Chapman


  1. If I had a dollar for every time someone mispronounced the artist's last name. Phonetically it's dahl-EE.

  2. It would probably go for more at auction. If he gets it matted I hope he goes to an archivist or someone who knows what they're doing.

  3. Yet another retarded millennial who's got more than he deserves, what a clown that dude is….

  4. Looks like Zachary Quinto, personality of Chandler Bing …. I like him 😉😎🤗

  5. That kid is an idiot.. but I’d let him plow me good and hard at one of his keg parties

  6. The miserable old people are out in force today. They can’t stand young, energetic and attractive people like this.

  7. That's way more than 30 grand. That's a super low ball estimate. I would value it at over 80,000 at auction.

  8. I thought it would fetch more than $30K, but what do I know, living 4 miles from the Dali Museum.

  9. At an Auction this would probably fetch for way more. Even modern artists limited edition lithographs signed and numbered can fetch around $30K, This Dali can hit for maybe $100K

  10. Guess what – I've got a Dali Lith hanging my hallway and it's kosha – but I can't believe these figures……………………………………………maybe I should have it looked at.

  11. He doesn't deserve to have that Dali! No appreciation what-so-ever. He kept it in the basement?!?!? It is an awesome image even if you didn't know who it was by. I groan to see such great art in the hands of people who really don't see it's beauty….not just a price tag.

  12. This bro is the definition of arrogant ignorant American Anglo privilege. Stupid moron

  13. Get it re-matted and out in a very nice frame and then insure it lol.

  14. Dali is my favorite artist…omg his surrealism is insane. This piece is absolutely amazing!

  15. The owner was very nervous and felt the need to fill the silence all the time. Give the expert room to talk.

  16. What kind of rich family do you have to come from where you just stick Dali work in a garage behind boxes? Silly

  17. He probably thought, "Deli eh. Peperonis, cured ham, salami, garage it goes. Getting my sandwiches."

  18. Saw a ladies statue get valued at 125k on here….she auctioned it and got 2.1 million.

  19. Producers of Antiques Roadshow are known to coach guests on televised appraisals "Say you had no idea what it was worth!" Problem here was EVERYONE knew what this print was worth. But the owner was a bad actor claiming ignorance LOL Poorly done AR…poorly done

  20. Awesome teeth. He should do a toothpaste commercial because his teeth remind me of chiclets!

  21. maybe i’m an appraiser before! why i just the know prices there going to give..

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