150+ improvements for Tejas mk1A and future of Kaveri engine, Rafale deal

As we know Rafale deal is done and dusted
and with Safran engine deal the whole equation changed. Owing to increased reliance in Rafales and
the whole ecosystem creation, MOD is planning to go back to original plan of ordering more
from M�rignac Line and twice of that from Indian Line. This has brightened the prospect of a further
off the shelf purchase at much lower price than before. DRAL on the other hand has been pushing for
a more concrete order and step towards MII and its expected that Prez Macron visit will
see some detailed briefing in this regard. That should be good as IAF and IN both has
flagged critical necessary of Rafales owing to upgraded security threat emerging in and
around our country and region. MRCBF point is being pushed aggressively as
IAC1 needs a direction for airwing and planned modification. So IN top brass wants MOD to come clear with
a decision. For F-35 we still have not acquired a no strings
attached status. It’s the same for F18 (no Nuclear strike role
for US aircrafts). Second US government and LM again said access
to F35 under priority status but the defined status includes a “global remote monitoring
system” for “ensuring the usage is as defined by US laws and Senate directives”. This is why French side access is unprecendented
and their whole ecosystem creation will make US cry more. So expect anti Rafale and anti French issues
will be created via media. LCA Mk2 needs almost all system, subsystems
and components from the scratch and is now termed as donor parts. It needs a new airframe because no airframe
is finalized for the Mk2 project as per the 200+ planes. There are almost 150+ improvements planned
from LCA Mk1 to LCA MK1A. Few include air intake, aerodynamic shaping,
subsystem structure, performance, and size. This is as of now very wide and will be shortlisted
further to trim it down with most parts planned initially from F-16 and Rafale. With no clarity for F-16, the chance of Rafale
parts inside has increased a lot more for development of LCA MKxx series. The performance parameters of Mk1A is now
much better as targeted than before, details to be out in coming months. LCA Mk1A aerodynamic performance changes need
metallurgical changes which are taking time, so the timeline is a challenge which HAL is
not ready to admit in public. There is a large consensus based on test data
that M88 family of engines powered by M88-4 and M88-3 cores is enough for LCA series of
aircrafts with wet thrust reaching 1XX kN. There is a new generation MXX family core
which is being tested for the Safranised Kaveri upgrade program. The MTBF of all the Safranised Kaveri family
as of now is lower than M88 Family used in France. Focus has been on increased thrust and limited
life but better than Russian counterparts used in IAF/IN. ECO pack like feature development to optimise
and prolong life and MTBF at par with new generation of M88 has started parallely. Kaveri Family engines which will now have
adequate power to take upto 30 ton MTOW in twin engine configuration and in future will
be apply to take more MTOW. We are slowly reaching a position where if
there is no major redesign needed a lot of Indian ecosystem produced engines in our fleet
may see usage over next decade in both AF and Navy.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Tejas Exposed By indian Media
    hahahaha 😛 Super Poor india

  2. Now that M88-kaveri engine has achieved a stable thrust of 1xxKN , ADA must INCREASE THE LENGTH / FUSELAGE of mk1a suitably for more fuel capacity enabling the jet to have extended range.

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