10 Signs a Relationship is Moving too Fast

Dating can be fun, refreshing and fulfilling,
but it can also be straight-up confusing and a pain in the butt. Maybe you’ve been with your partner for a
few weeks now and seem excited about the future, but how do you know your butterflies are because
of them and not from fear of things not working out? Here are ten signs a relationship is moving
too fast; one: Your partner still talks about their ex. Knowing that you’re someone’s rebound hurts. If your partner still checks up on their exes
social media, it’s a dead giveaway that they’re not fully invested in you. Two: You question your happiness when you’re
with them. All your actions say you want to be with them,
you go on dates often and you mesh well with their friends but something still doesn’t
feel quite right. Three: You’re making big decisions before
even meeting the fam, or maybe you don’t even know your partner’s favorite color and yet,
you’re already talking about moving in together. Better run, that’s like asking for a train
wreck. Four: Everyone around you is in a relationship,
so you want to make it official. Who doesn’t appreciate Instagram likes and
sharing good news on Facebook? But if the idea excites you more than the
person in front of you, you might be more concerned about fulfilling social expectations. Five: You trust them before getting to really
know them. Playing hard-to-get is definitely not a healthy
way to someone’s heart, but neither is being vulnerable too soon. There are some things you should know about
your partner first, like how well they can compromise and what they’re like on bad days. Six: You think they’re perfect. Putting your partner on a pedestal doesn’t
mean they’re actually “the one”. When you’re overly infatuated, you fail to
see your partner’s flaws which plays a huge role in compatibility. Seven: You mistake fighting for passion. Make up sex is great after a big fight, but
if the two of you are doing that a lot, you might want to ask yourself if this is healthy
and where the relationship is going. Eight: You get impatient to hear back from
them. Do you get mad when they respond to your text
to slow or over analyze every single emoji, exclamation point and word? You want to make sure you’re allowing your
partner space. Nine: You’re ignoring the red flags. Does your partner want kids but being a parent
was never on your radar or maybe you see yourself moving into a city but they prefer the countryside? You can only escape reality for so long until
it catches up with you. Ten: You’ve said “I love you” after a few
dates. There’s a difference between loving someone
and being in love with them and people often realize it too late when they’ve already made
future plans. Do any of these signs sound familiar? What are some troubles you’re facing in your
relationship? Please share your thoughts with us below. Also be sure to subscribe to our channel for
more helpful tips and share this video with others. With your help, we can reach more people and
provide our support. Thanks for watching!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Me and my boyfriend were best friends 2 years before we got together. I was so curious about him and I started to know him well. He was always there for me.
    We already started acting like a couple.. like flirting and me lying down against him before we started dating.
    He asked me out a few weeks ago and I am the happiest girl. Always get to know the person before you date!!
    Dont just jump into dating, because that's how you get into breakups all the time. I've just waited for that special someone, and here he is!!! He is my moonpie.

  2. For some reason, the "to" instead of "too" in the thumbnail is really bothering me ;-;

  3. So my girlfriend and I have broke up twice in the past two years. We got back together 3 weeks ago. She has told me many times how she’ll never leave me again and we’ll make things work. I can tell she loves me to death and by saying she adores me all the time. I love her with all my heart and want to tell her so bad. The question is, how long should I wait to say it? I’ve known her basically my entire life and know all about her so would it be worth saying it or just waiting a while? Any advice would be nice! Thanks!

  4. I agree with this list. I’m just thankful my boyfriend and I were friends for about 4 years before getting together. We didn’t plan on it, but things gradually just happened. He’s the only boyfriend I’ve had that started as a friend first.. but I think that’s why he’s the best ☺️❤️

  5. I get feels for people after talking to them for like less than a week, but i have never had a girlfriend so i bet things will go out of control if i ever do get a date.

  6. boys, what would u do
    be in a relationship with ur significant other or have a legion of wolves on ur side and be the leader of the pack in the wild??? 🤔

  7. Red flags uh….it’s normal to have different views just compromise to sum u both will agree to

  8. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again here: Maybe I’m aromantic but I don’t really understand why people obsess over dating and finding a significant other. I’ve tried dating in the past and I didn’t really enjoy it. What I’m about to say is not criticism by any means, but after seeing all of these dating videos from Psych2Go it seems harder than ever now. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think that the benefits of a romantic relationship outweigh the drawbacks or the effort that goes into it. Plus after watching “Dear Late Bloomers” (I know I bring that video up a lot but it’s my favorite Psych2Go video) I realized that I don’t have to live my life like everyone else.

    I’m sorry this was so long. I just wanted to get all that off my chest.

  9. Idk is this is a red flag but my girlfriend wants me to meet her parents, I have talked to her several times about that but she doesnt get the point and understand that the relationship is moving way too fast, we been dating for nearly 2 years she better chill out.

  10. I never thought about putting my lover on a pedestal or something when I say that she looks good or something. What's the right way to appreciate them for what they are?

  11. Is there a video about relationships going "too slow"? Someone made a comment about my current relationship going too slow because we haven't kissed yet and we've been going out for 2 months. My partner and I have been wanting to take things slow, but I don't know if it's "too slow".

  12. Hey there psych, first off while your videos are excellent, I think it would be nice to see a video that isn’t about friendships or relationships but rather something more interesting about psychology and the way the mind works. On that note, while this video doesn’t apply to me, just seeing the title made me feel like speaking up. Different people work in different ways and sometimes you just know, go whatever speed feels right for you and your s/o, I think depending on the internet to decide how to manage your relationship could be detrimental, everyone is unique and can’t be put in the same box. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  13. That gives me some relief ^^"
    No, I'm not in a relationship yet, but I am writing a romance novel and of the 10 signs listed in this video, only one of them affects a protagonist of mine. Looking at its calendar, the two girls have only known each other for just over a week and a half so far. Just trying to keep it as healthy and believable as I can.

  14. Now, I don't understand this dumbassery of going out with a stranger in a romantic manner?? Personally I have to know the person well as a friend before I can even consider them as a romantic partner. It goes like this:
    Why would you kiss someone and not be able to say ily? I don't get it

  15. The only reason i clicked on this is because the thumbnail is wrong and says “to fast” instead of “too fast” and it annoys me

  16. When they just met at the beginning of the story and are head over heels and kissing each other by the end of the first chapter

  17. We're moving so fast, i don't care i wanna crash, let our love burn let our love burn.

  18. Okay this is a sign bc of the relationship I’m in feels like it’s actually moving to fast

  19. What is the problem with the fact that all around us got married and you remain single. Yes it forms a little bit pressure but we really need to have life partners. Or we will all die singles. Am I right?

  20. I wish I could find love, I can’t though because I live in the ghetto in New Orleans and everyone’s a gangster and drug dealer, and I’m part of it, I hate.

  21. I've been in a long distance relationship for almost three years….but I feel like some of these apply. What do I do?

  22. It's too late now because we broke up BUT I must say that this is true!! Indeed we broke up lol
    Never rush anything! My ex boyfriend rushed too much, he wanted a relationship immediately, he told me some big things too early and then he just lost his feelings
    I believe he just followed that excitement rush he felt and thought he wanted a relationship, but after 6 months he became cold and stopped texting me, and then he finally said "I lost my feelings" and he felt like he didn't want a commitment anymore. And you know what? He didn't even know why
    The truth is that you can't develop deep feelings when you rush things, there's just excitement and you don't even understand why you like something. When you develop feelings and interest little by little, you can stick to them for a long time

  23. The title is right and the thumbnail is pretty, but there was a little mistake there. Is just distracting is all.

  24. My relationship died cause I just got to fast to angry when things didn't go like I wanted or like I had planned so I got angry one day and told him we are done you're free now to go and get cheated on by your ex … he hates me now and I miss him so badly but he's already in a relationship

  25. Awesome video.

    By the way. You guys should make a video on how to slow down a fast moving relationship.

    Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  26. Me and my bf were really fast. We met on our first weekend, i took him home to meet with my family, and we said ,, i love you’’ after the first week. We are still together after 1 year of long distance relationship, and we will move together soon. So sometimes moving fast isn’t a bad thing🤷‍♀️

  27. I give a like 👍 but I can't relate 😅 because I'm not in a relationship 😂

  28. I just got out of my first relationship. It lasted 3 months. She had been in several relationships before and things went too fast without me realising because new terf and all that. She talked about moving in after not even 1 month, how ready she was for a serious relationship, and I think she dropped the L bomb within a month too. She was too much for me and I ended it. If it hadn't gone so fast it could of last but it didn't.
    Lesson learned if someone ever likes me back again. Not too fast

  29. I am an INFJ , earlier i took treatment for depression after which i have become a procrastinator and low on initiative,
    now i live in a residential campus for studies, i don't know how to talk to people and build connection, i eat alone, Haven't made any friends.
    They think I'm super arrogant.

  30. My bf told me I love u as soon as we started dating like right after I sad yes he said I love you. I was like wtf we literally just started dating… like that’s one hell of a red flag…

  31. im one of those people who say "i love you" too early in the relationship
    y to shame

  32. i think i knew when the dude started pressuring me into saying i love him within 2 days of the relationship

  33. So…
    What would it mean if the people around me were more excited about me getting (or more precisely, not getting) a girlfriend?
    But the strange part is the harassment mostly stopped after I got rejected.

  34. yeah, yeah, i know. i have to find some other word instead "i love you" after i get the flood of oxytocin from cuddling for the first few times 🙄

  35. Whilst I agree with the points made in this video in general, there are definetly exceptions:

    The signs and (in my opinion) some exceptions:

    1. Your partner still talks about their ex; If you got abused or mistreated by an ex, you shall talk about issues they might have left on you, talk openly about what happened.

    3. You're making big decisions before even meeting your partner's family; are they on good terms with their family? e.g. If they dont, the family doesnt matter to your future plans.

    5. You trust your partner before you actually get to know them; there is a difference between trusting someone and being open. Talking about personal matters and wishes is important, if you dont want to waste anyones time.

    6. You think your partner is perfect; You can think your partner is perfect for you, even though you admit to his flaws.

    8. You get mad and impatient with them when it comes to them replying back to you; Did he tell you he texts you, e.g. that he arrived safely hom after a long drive? Youre allowed to worry about your partners well-being.

    10. You've said "I love you" only after a couple of dates; Did you know each other before you started going out? E.g. Have you been friends for a while and decided to move things to a romantic basis? Move as fast as it feels right to you.

    FUCKING can you stop
    FAST NI🅱🅱A can you just stop tho

  37. Ahhhhhhhhh, why was this literally my first high school relationship? I mean, some were inaccurate (thankfully), but the 1st one especially, but seriously a lot of them hit too hard. We broke off, but thankfully we're still friends (I kind of just pretend we never dated lol)

  38. I have this 1 classmate who barely knows me and was already trying to get me to go on dates with him, one of them being at his place to ‘watch movies’. It made me nope so hard and turned me off like no tomorrow. I was already feeling like he was being pushy, but yeah. At least, for now, he seems to have gotten the clue and has left me alone, but sheesh. I can’t understand how people just do that, without barely knowing someone??? Idk, sounds crazy.

  39. this video made me feel better about taking a step away from a recent potential relationship… we weren't even official yet and the situation still ticked nearly all of these boxes. i thought i was just being silly thinking it was fast- glad to know i wasn't lol
    unfortunately he still keeps calling nearly every day, even when i mentioned needing space and not being sure i wanted a relationship right now.. :

  40. My mom started to live with my stepdad after 2 weeks of dating and they are now married for 15 years. There’s cases and cases

  41. Ughh I had a relationship that went exactly like all this and it ended after two weeks. Those two weeks alone ended up emotionally damaging me by a lot though :/

  42. Ah.. the premature I love you…
    You know they are dumb as hell if they rush shit …

  43. I don't agree with the love part. I was friends with my bf for along time. When we took that step he admitted he loved me back then just as friends. There is no time frame on love. If you feel it you feel it. Fuck rules

  44. I don't really agree with the first one.. sometimes exes are friends and check on eachother..

  45. I met a man on Twitter. Within 2 days, he had booked a plane ticket from NYC to North Dakota to see me. He booked a hotel for 4 days and a rental car. Again, after I knew him 2 days. I told him he was rushing and pushing, he did not listen. He then sent me flowers. He was asking me things such as "Do you think you would like to move to NYC? " and "When is the last time you were checked for STDs? ". Umm…. after 10 days, he got pushier and pushier. I then told him to cancel the date, get to know me more, and put his plans on hold. He then got verbally abusive and started to call me names. And then, he just disappeared, never to speak to me again. All of that happened in 10 days? Crazy…..He seemed so desperate to start something asap, and that right there is a red flag.

  46. 10 singnes your relationship is moving too fast

    Lesbians: gets married after a week of talking

  47. Me: oh! This looks interesting but I don’t think that something it’s wrong in my relationship

    Me after watching this video: …. Ah shit…..

  48. It happened to me in 80’s. .. Going too fast then dumped me without a chance. Not fair. Some of them recently broke up with partners and, I didn’t want to date them since, we are not compatible. Neither, I wasn’t crazy about them and stay friends. What else? Smoking I’m hypersensitive and the person has bipolar! Run!!!!!!!

  49. I think my relationship with my nonexistent gf is moving too slow. So next vid abt dis pls? thanks bro

  50. I was dating with this guy for a week (wouldn't want to consider him my bf at all). He already planned everything for the future and wanted to buy me a ring when he got a part time job. At that moment, I knew I had to break up with him because it might get toxic if we're going too fast. And I made the right decision to leave him.

  51. Thank you, i have a problem for a long time in my relationship, things arent just going well, the problem is my partner is non-existent

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