✔ Minecraft: How to make a Statue (Improved Version)

How to make a Statue Improved Version I’m going to show you how to build a small, cool looking statue of a man that can be decorated in various ways! Now for poses and decoration! You can make the statue more interesting by giving it different pose. This can be done by changing its arms. You can also add more details, such as weapons, clothing or other accessories! I’ll show you a few of my favorite ways to decorate them! This thing is supposed to look like some kind of staff, maybe it’s magical! 😮 I’m going to build some more, just to show you some other cool designs! This one will be equipped with a bow! You can add string if you’re feeling fancy! I’ll build the rest off camera.. I’ll show you three more, in various poses. First, a swordsman with a shield! The gate in the back is supposed to look like the hilt of the sword. The next one is going to be a warrior with an axe! The last one will be holding a lantern and a knife. You can also use a sea lantern or glowstone. Credit to reddit-user AnotherLost for the basic design! You can now get Merchandize For all ages and genders, all around the world! Link is in the description! Click to learn! Looking for a more sophisticated statue?

Glenn Chapman


  1. I put two fences and a iron bar on the leg of the archer statue to make it look like a arrow.

  2. 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 лайков

    10% real, supportive comments

  4. MagmaMusen you make some pretty good design's you can be a artist one day making art for your fans.

  5. Hey i got a simple queen statue here > https://youtu.be/Cd0DS2g71zU

  6. I don't think it looks like a staff I think it looks like a spear🗡

  7. I want to see your fase and your build i copy but my freinds on minecraft enjoy your build

  8. the one thing that's in my mind is that nothing's in my mind i can never be creative like you Sir,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! <D

  9. Magma Musen I made a statue kind of like this I call it a Sentiniod it looks like a robot.

  10. I can't do that just thanks dafuq
    someone see herobrine at 3:23 in Minecraft version 1.4

  11. I build these statues out of the variety of quartz blocks, and it really brightened up my world… Thanks!

  12. Nice bro where 9 in august 10 2019 where 5 where you start the statue

  13. I'm trying so hard to give credit to whoever build this, i found it on reddit, found out it wasn't his, found this video, now im going back to reddit!

  14. 2:41
    Magma: Oh look I summoned a Gandalf Golem

    I love doing roleplays

  15. Anyone in 2019 bcoz old comments are 3 years ago im adding this statue tom my survival world

  16. i still remember when this was released… feels good to put one of these statues in my world

  17. Creative mode: exists

    MagmaMusen: what is creative mode we only need survival

    Guys don’t like this I don’t need likes

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