✂ How To Heal Acne Scars with Microneedling – Before & After

So day one. First time trying this
micro-needling thing. I’m not afraid of pain, not really nervous about this. I’m
also not afraid of needles, so I’m okay with this. This is the state of my skin
right now. I only have a couple of active acne. I’m excited to try this to see if
this will work! Number one thing, start with clean face, clean hands. It comes in
a sterilized pack but you need to soak your banisher in rubbing alcohol for at
least five minutes before you use it, every single time. Let’s start with four
to five light rolls. Okay. Three, four. You can see my face is already getting red.
It doesn’t really hurt. The teeny tiny needles break your skin ever so lightly.
It allows the serum to absorb through your skin much easier, also allows for
collagen reproduction and for cell regeneration to happen just that much
quicker. It hurts a bit on the forehead. It doesn’t hurt so much on the cheeks. So
you go vertical, horizontal, and diagonal for about four passes each time. I have
combination skin maybe because my forehead is so much oilier. The
hyperpigmentation on my forehead heals a lot faster than it does on my cheeks and
you’re supposed to do this once every two weeks. But also when you do
microneedle, you’re actually not supposed to wear makeup that day. So once you’re
done with that, apply the serum and your face is supposed to tingle. It’s already
kind of tingling right now This is week two. I have been picking these. I’ve noticed that my skin is actually quite flaky which is not normal for me,
and I think that’s because my skin is being pushed up to the surface and
shedding itself, which means that it’s healing faster. But in terms of
hyperpigmentation I haven’t really seen anything yet. So the last time that I did
this I think that I rolled over some pimples and what happened was, and they tell you not to roll over pimples, and I think it gave me some breakouts because
I spread bacteria. So I’m going to be using one of these sheets Korean pimple
stickers, and I’m just going to stick it so that I don’t go over any pimples and
spread bacteria. So smart right? And another week down. Okay fourth week it says to do it once every two weeks but sometimes I do it once a week. This, this, this, and
this, all happened this week. They’re new pimples, but everything else is like,
where did it go? I’m going to put a mask over it so I know not to roll over it and spread the bacteria. Right here, this gigantic one,
no touchy. I only ever use a serum when I’m rolling. I guess I’m worried that it is a heavier serum, it’s pretty thick.
I mean I’m impressed so far. We’ll see, we’ll see before and after if there’s
any progress. The pictures will tell everything. In the starter kit, banish also
provides these two masks. This is the pumpkin enzyme peel mask andit smells just like pumpkin pie. In between my needling sessions I will use
these masks. The activated charcoal is to clear up current acne and the pumpkin
enzyme peel helps to remove the dead skin and to encourage more new skin growth.
Right now I’m going to use activated charcoal clay mask, and so it comes in a
powder form. I like to mix it with this snail moisture soothing gel that I have.
It’s so jelly-like that I can create a mask out of it. I’ve tried mixing it with
water but I find that it’s a little it’s a little too messy. Bloop. Having a moisturizing base is really nice. It’s really fun. It’s kind of
like mixing mochi, ah! Once the skin feels a little tight, wash
off, and then try to moisturize a bit more after you use a charcoal mask. It’s
been about a month and a half of use with I think four sessions of rolling
and this is what my skin looks like now. The results are seen right here, like it’s
crazy how consistent use is going to be helping over time. You definitely have to
be safe with it, but coming from somebody who will try every acne gimmick under the sun this is one of the things that I will continue to use, and I’m so
excited to see the results from it. It’s crazy that this is something that you
could do at home it really doesn’t involve chemicals or anything, it’s just
kind of like a small physical process and you can yield results without having
to pay much for it. If you guys have any acne requests, anything you guys want me to try out, all the stuff gimmicky stuff. I will try all of it! Let me know
in the comments below what your requests are. You can find me on social, and be
sure to subscribe to this channel to follow my skincare journey as well as
all of my other DIY fashion and beauty videos see you guys later bye!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hi! Is this still good for your skin in general even if you don't have acne scars??

  2. You are so brave! I'm terrified to try the roller but I'm very tempted for area where I have scars.

  3. yesss thank you so much for posting this! i have been looking for a microneedling product that is popular and is safe on my skin. this video was perfect in timing!! ahh i am def going to try this out! much love xx

  4. Thank you so much for posting this video! I've just found out about dermarolling and I'm glad you made it seem not so intimidating. 😀

  5. I usually don't comment on YouTube videos but this is pretty incredible and you're sweet!

  6. wow this works great! your skin is looking lovely. i want to try this out but have way too much active acne to do so yet.

  7. this was so helpful thank you! I have been wanting to try this for the longest time but I was like ehhh idk if its worth it but your results are incredible! your skin is so lovely

  8. OMG it worked so well for you!!! man… i have really stubborn hyperpigmentation.. maybe i should try it out too

  9. I love that youre so open about acne! I love finding new products through your videos 💕

  10. i have been struggling with really bad acne for a long time. I've also tried Banish and has helped a bit, but what i found most effective is doing masks (namely hydrating sheet masks) 4 times a week and my face is pretty clear from acne and scarring after 2-3 weeks!

    I really hope this one works out for you long term! 🙂


  12. Check out Liah Yoo! She RECENTLY posted about acne scarring and she has really similar skin to yours.

  13. so scary but i can see it's working !!! a toast to our acnecovery !!!!

  14. Girl, I do dermarolling too and I've been doing it for more than 2 years now and about 40 sessions or more already. I use the 2mm roller and I have really deep scars on my cheeks near the nose and it has improved A LOT!!! It's even deeper than yours but now I can say it's more shallow than your scars. I even have a wrinkle on my forehead that is almost gone!!! Please continue to do it and I promise you you'll see a huge difference after your 20th session. It really takes time but it's super worth it.

  15. This is such a great informative video, I really like that you did a before and after, after trying the microneedling for a month .

  16. You are so cute and sincere. Your so brave to show your process with acne. Much love 💞

  17. How have your results been so far? I have mild icepick looking scars on my cheeks that look like large/ scarred pores. Will this help?

  18. I don't want to be rude but you're just asking for infection and more acne by rolling on your active breakouts. Whats the point of fading scars when their true cause, acne, is un-treated?

  19. i think i need that product too… can you help me where cn i buy that one?pleaseeee…

  20. Hi Leti, you deserve to be free of these skin problems that many of us have s myself more so in the last 6 years. I cut out dairy and milk omg huge difference. I began taking ProBiotic pills that I keep in my fridge that you can order online omg huge difference. Also ozonated Oilve Oil you buy online. PLEASE read the miracle into that one right there!!! I also got laser more than chemical peel because I wanted to target the deep problem of the acne then after you can go back to the great peels. Also cleaning your face with apple cider vinegar helped my sister so much with her acne. DO IT EVERY night! I hope this helps and we get to see you try this New Regime … My best wishes to you lots of LOVE

  21. Would you mind doing an update video? I loved the way you had your video organized, does that make sense? Idk.

  22. Love your post, thanks for sharing.
    I had light dented acne scar with coin size pigmentation on left cheek. No active acne for now. Have slight large pores. To achieve flawless smooth – do you recommend doing Microneedling or Co2 laser ?

    Can't wait to hear from you,

  23. I was advised not to do it at home, but I may try anyhow. I think the one I got has a lot longer needles than the one you are using. It is 1 mm. How long is yours?

  24. Allow me to point out some things but please don't think I'm being cynical. Personally, I think what you have are not scars, rather acne hyperpigmentation. I could be wrong, so the best thing to do is consult your dermatologist. To differentiate, scars are pitted remnants on the skin after a lesion occurs. Scars are a result when the damaged skin doesn't return to its normal structure. Also, there are many different types of them. With hyperpigmentation, it occurs due to post inflammatory process wherein cells in the affected area secrete a pigment called melanin. As melanin is continuously secreted, it makes the affected area appear dark; however, if it appears red the post inflammatory process may still be occurring. The positive side of hyperpigmentation is that over time, it fades. The pictures you showed at the end of your video, I believe, is possibly not the effect of microneedling, but rather a normal process of healing; again, hyperpigmentation fades. For microneedling to be effective, the size of needles needs to be appropriate, not just a generic size such as the one you used. Although microneeding is proven to be effective in stimulating collagen regeneration, only dermatologists and skin experts can perform this procedure that will surely give you positive results. Let alone they also know the right equipment and size of needles. I hope my comment helps you, and I wish you best results if ever you continue to use that kit.

  25. Wow. Your skin improved sooo much. I am planning to have fraxel, but seeing this video, I must buy a derma roller too

  26. Can you try a modified diet and exercise regimen and see if you see any results in terms of acne? I've tried it and haven't been able to stick to it for more than a month bc of school! If you can document it and see if there are any improvements, let us know if there is any other factors playing into it though… like medications, or treatments in terms of skin care… or if you think it's mostly the excercise and diet!

  27. You inspired me to order mine and I can't wait for it to come in I am always hiding my scars with makeup

  28. You're using a dermaroller that will totally and permanently ruin your skin. Those 540 "needles" aren't needles, they are stamped knives. They will slice furrows into your skin and cut into the walls of pores. Those "recommendations" come from unethical Chinese vendors who think the customer will believe "more is better". Stamped knives are very cheap to make, vs. real needles. A photo of the horrendous damage it will cause is at http://owndoc.com, with a closeup picture of how those "needles" look like… You need to use a roller with far fewer, REAL needles…

  29. The flaking is not a product of skin being lifted up because of the microneedling. That just doesn't make sense. Puncturing your face does not create flakiness. Your skin was either dry or scabbing

  30. Really thinking about using this after watching your video . Thanks sooo much for this review babe!!!

  31. Great informative video. Thank you! What is the length of the needles? .2mm? .3mm? .5mm?

  32. I did my first microneedling treatment last week and wasn't thinking much was going to come out of it, but your video is so helpful and informative and honest that I'm excited to continue! You're so great, thank you!!

  33. thank you for this video. I have acne scars on my nose and jaw line (no more acne) I sometimes cry and feel so ugly. I think I will try this thank you!

  34. Great informative video. Thank you! ♥Maxelder+argan+cream works a treat.//Recommend anyone w ho has a Acne scar that is uncovered when outside to use it.I have really started to notice my Acne scar is fading.
    I suggest anyone w….nyarganoil…c You're so great, thank you!!♥

  35. I love how straight forward this video is. Convinced me to buy one.

  36. Hello can you roll over active pimple or acne mixed with the acne scar?

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