★ How to Get to Mars. Very Cool! HD

We don’t fire a rocket motor all the way to mars. We don’t need to You just place the spacecraft on a trajectory to mars and let it coast for seven months and 300 million miles until it reaches the planet Atmospheric entry in 3.. 2.. 1.. Just passed in one minute that atmospheric entry current altitude 121 miles, current velocity 12,084 miles per hour We are now at an altitude of 73 miles moving at a speed of 12,192 miles per hour expected parachute deploy in five seconds four three, two, one, Mark We’re awaiting confirmation parachute has deployed Parachute was detected Heat shield deployed event Spacecraft reporting the scene field at the – Planet separation event has been detected. Spacecraft reporting lander has separated moving at a speed of 173 miles per hour We are near our terminal velocity Expected retro Rocket ignition on my mark – Mark. At this point in time, we should be on the ground Any signal that we receive from now indicates the vehicle would be alive on the ground and bouncing The Spacecraft has to survive all the bounces for landing to be a success No signal at the moment Standby Signal strength is currently intermittent We don’t see a signal at the moment What do we see? We’ve got the signal! [cheering] The first thing we have to do after we land is open our solar panels to the sun So we’ll have some power. This charges up the batteries After that, we can deploy the camera mast so the rover can see and deploy the antenna, so the rover can talk to us

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  1. A little CLARIFICATION is needed! This is ANIMATION ment to ILLUSTRATE how NASA landed the two robots Spirit and Opportunity on Mars back in 2003/04.

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  3. купол не разбей . Фанаты компьютерной графики

  4. you can see what happend with the baloon. nobody cant go in space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y0nHhFGXDo

  5. Tudo mentira, pois todos sabemos que Marte é uma bolacha plana, assim como,a Lua, a Terra e o Sol. Aliás o Sol é uma fornalha a carvão. Brincadeira. Não sei como os terraplanistas mantém suas teses vendo um vídeo assim maravilhoso.

  6. buscar afuera? cuando tienes todos los elementos necesario para vivir en este planeta.

  7. Look at those Kids Happy Smile after Spending Millions on some Toys, just to know if there's Human out side of earth.
    While, at the Street Human is actually Dying of Starvation. How Pathetic two Scenarios are!

  8. Пузырь гелиосферы придает больше реалистичности..))

  9. Hahaha lol u think can go to space remember fishbowl operation coz earth is center of universe

  10. I can presume that there is sun on the mars because when it starts to jump at 3:32 we can see the shadow of the bunch of this external curtain.

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  12. o homem nunca chegou a lua , quanto mais em marte , ha quem acredite nisso,

  13. Вы покажите реальные кадры ДОЛБАЁБЫ, можно подумать это типа правда где типа камера со стороны снимает, улавливая в цифровом режиме. Показуху устроили ДУРАКИ

  14. Spending millions and people becoming happy by seeing waste land which is far away. What a strange world. They say it is innovation. Save the land beneath your feet before you seek inhospitable lands.

  15. No lose Rick parece falso.JPG en el libro de Enoc y la biblia dice que no se puede salir de la tierra solo se alcanza cierta altura después de la atmósfera.JPG

  16. Isso é a maior mentira de todo os tempos depois do homem na lua…….a terra é plana.minhas Condolências

  17. Человечество должно завоевать всю Галактику, а затем и всю Вселенную, мы должны объединить все усилия для этой важной цели, так как наша планета не вечная…
    Это должно произойти подобно тому как когда-то Клумб открыл Америку, так и мы должны найти новую планету подобную нашей родной Земле!
    Все человечество должно понять, для того что бы выжить в этих суровых условиях – мы все обязаны прекратить все войны и двигаться в Космос, покарять другие миры, это самая главная задача которая стоит перед каждым человеком на земле, и пока мы все это не осознаем, то прогресса не будет!
    Самый главный враг – это политика, которую ведут мировые державы истощая ресурсы нашей планеты быстрее чем она может их восстановить, именно она тормозит весь прогресс! Нужно переходить на возобновляемые источники энергии как можно быстрее, иначе просто ресурсов может не хватить, прежде чем будет создан корабль который понесет нас к звездам и другим планетам!!!

  18. Man can't even get beyond the Earth's atmosphere so stop telling people sh ite!…..

  19. A little CLARIFICATION is needed! This is ANIMATION ment to ILLUSTRATE how NASA landed the two robots Spirit and Opportunity on Mars back in 2003/04.

  20. Such a very impressing goal, wish I could be there at least see earth from above! Well done team, congrats! Keep up the good work 💪

  21. All footage are CGI..


    like if you are agree

    I am Flat earth
    (October 2019)

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  23. Os cara manda um robô pra outro planeta com câmera preta e branca brincadeira né só pode

  24. eu queria ir para marte a viajar numa nave ! muito bem !!!!! muito engraçado ! adorei o video ! ate logo

  25. fixe!!!
    adorei estou neste momento a ir a marte porque sou um ete !!!! ahaahahhahahahahah

  26. adorei o video gente , alias insina como chegar a marte , uma coisa muito bonita

  27. Eu queria saber quem estava filmando a saída e a entrada da nave em Marte kkkkkkk

  28. Meanwhile, while it took us seven months to get there, our ET "visitors" can hop in one of their craft and be there in a matter of minutes! Yes, I do believe humans will one day be able to colonize Mars, but we are going to have to have the kind of propulsion being used by our "visitors". The clumsy chemical rockets we use are not going to do the job, imo.

  29. يالكم من عقول ذكية ،لو تسلموا لكنتم خير الناس

  30. O mais interessante dessa mentira é, quem estava filmando a chegada da sonda em Marte?

  31. I wonder why didn't NASA build a drone type flyer to accompany the rover??? If they knew spirit couldn't handle deep levels of dirt to travel I feel like NASA should of air traveled a machine to certain areas of Mars as well.

  32. Grandes artistas, programa para otários crenssa no impossivel, parece a multiplicação dos pães de jesus…?????

  33. NASA can make a video about it but will never go there, nice fake cgi video, torment in hell awaits u for misleading the masses with ur lies, u can't walk on a gas.

  34. they want to go to mars so when earth is destroyed we have a place to live. There wasting billions of dollars that could help our planet.

  35. Pense q por fin lo habias entendido…pense q te habias dado cuenta…sigo esperando esas palabras de ti…COMO LLEGAR AMARTE

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